Locks of Love

Saturday, 29 November 2014 – Locks of Love premiered to a packed, enthusiastic audience at the National Film and Sound Archive on the grounds of Australian National University (ANU).

Filmed entirely in the ACT, Silversun Pictures and ScreenACT have produced a heart-warming, thought-provoking journey into the hearts and minds of people in love. It tells the stories of love connected by padlocks attached to a gate in Glebe Park, Canberra ACT. The film stars Lorraine Bayly, Aaron Jeffery, Colin Lane and Les Hill amongst other well-known Australian actors.


Rachel Thorne, singing the film theme song “Edge of Time”, at the Locks of Love premiere
Rachel Thorne, Duncan Lowe of Infidel Studios, and Tara Nichols
Rachel Thorne, Tara Nichols
Rachel Thorne and Michael Dooley, composer of the Locks of Love title track “Edge of Time”
Rachel Thorne, Hannah Dawson (star of “Good Monster, Bad Monster”), and Tara Nichols
The Dawsons – Peter, Hannah (star of “Good Monster, Bad Monster”), and Elaine